Refund Policy

This will explain you the refund policy (if any) for the service provided by SSL Support website.



We offer SSL certificate installation services to the users across globe. We offer these services through various packages that customer can choose as per their business requirements.

The services that we offer are bifurcated as per the different packages pertaining to the level of personalized services that we offer under respective packages. The charges are prepaid to avail the services of SSL support team.


The charges paid towards the SSL Support services are non-refundable as the customer has the right to avail the services throughout the package duration; minimum of one year. We generally do not have the refund processing practice with the view of customer has the window of minimum one year to avail the services.


Customers has the facility to cancel the order/packages/services purchased from SSL support website at any given point in time/during the tenure of their service period. Our team reserves the right to analyze your case and take appropriate action regarding the refund requests raised by a customer.


The eligible refunds (could be) the order one which has not utilized any services of our team. Having said that these cases would eventually go through a stringent analysis by respective team. We reserve all the right to approve/reject the refund tickets raised by a customer.  


If you still have questions about our policy, email us on or contact us now