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Common SSL Installation Errors on Ximbra, IBM IHS & other Servers

SSL0227E: Key Label Error after restarting IHS services

Even after configuring the SSL certificate properly on IBM HTTPD server it throws an error of SSL Handshake issue. 
SSL0227E: SSL Handshake Failed, Specified label could not be found in the key file. Label='(null)'


import_own_cert : failed to import Certificate on SAP Webdispatcher

After installing the SSL certificate in the PSE file for SAP WebDispatcher Server gives an error, import_own_cert: Installation of certificate failed 
Incomplete FCPath, need certificate of CA


Verifying comm certs works, deploying doesn't

On deploying commercial certs, 'verify cert' works, but deploying doesn't.

We also give free ssl installation support for IIS Server, Apache Server, Tomcat, Microsoft Exchange Server etc.

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