Top Benefits of DigiCert Smart Seal for eCommerce Websites

Imagine you are in the medieval ages, wishing to buy diamonds. You are not sure if the sellers before you are selling the real ones. Now, in this fiasco, you hear a sharp and confident voice calling out, “My diamond shop is verified by the king!”. Within the blink of an eye, you find yourself getting your hands on the verified shop’s products.

This is exactly how the DigiCert Smart Seal works.

With the DigiCert Smart Seal, you verify your shop by the world’s most trusted Certifying Authority, DigiCert; and with the DigiCert Smart seal, you transform your e-commerce website into a high sales conversions machine.

A study from Crazyegg reveals, 48% of websites noticed an increased conversion rate and ROI by displaying site seals.

Site Seal as a Trustmark
Image Source: Crazyegg

Trust is the cornerstone of every business. Brands that promote trust and transparency tend to attract more customers.

What are the benefits of DigiCert Smart Seal an e-commerce store gets and its superlative features?

But, before hopping onto the insane benefits, get a gist of the innovative Smart Seal with this short info video.

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The benefits of DigiCert Smart Seal for eCommerce websites.

Build Trust with a Verified Logo.

Displaying your verified logo might not seem like a huge deal, right? However, when top brands like Rayban are victims of fraudulent and mimicking websites, displaying the verified logo becomes a huge deal. Customers shop on fake websites and get scammed even though they stumble upon brand logos and websites daily. In such a situation, displaying your verified logo becomes a priority. The DigiCert smart seal cannot be spoofed by fraudsters.

Make your customers think twice before they buy from a fake website.

Your customers must know their seller and the DigiCert Smart Seal creates the required transparency among the buyers and sellers. When your e-commerce store boldly displays its verified logo, you give your customers a chance to save themselves from such scams. Ultimately, you protect your brand from falling prey to frauds all over the internet. Also, FYI, this is the first time any site seal offers this feature. Yes, you heard that right. DigiCert Smart Seal is the first site seal to display a brand’s verified logo as users hover over it.

Let’s now go over to our next big benefit.

Catchy animation to grab attention.

Remember the shopkeeper calling out “I am verified by the king”? Well, the online version of attracting customers is the DigiCert Smart Seal’s catchy animation.

Customers look for trust badges before they invest their money into a brand. In fact, a DigiCert study reveals 71% of consumers look for security seals before shopping from a website.

Earlier as the site seals were not attractive enough, people could not locate them on an e-commerce website. Even if they did, they would not click them to ‘get to know their seller. This means that even if a website took all the measures to get verified it amounted to nothing. Customers would not trust their legitimacy as all the security info is buried within the static site seal, which anybody could spoof.

Another problem, not all site seals can be trusted. Due to their isolated presence, fraud websites copy-paste them masquerading themselves as the real ones. With the DigiCert Smart Seal, its attention-grabbing animation using HTML 5.0 technology, makes customers click it. Once they do, they are presented with all the security measures the brand took to ensure worry-free shopping.

Think of it. You have spent money to get verified. Would you hide this info or proudly announce it in the market? People need to know you offer them the security that others do not.

Once you win your customer’s trust, nothing can stop you from attracting them by the thousands to your website.

Displaying the brand’s transparency: The Splash Page

Understand the site seal’s logic. They are supposed to ensure the visitors that the website they are using is the REAL one. To do that, the site seals are clickable.

Once you click a site seal, you are presented with a splash page. The splash page gives you info on all the parameter’s the website got themselves verified off. Displaying this page is necessary as this is one of the security marks.

You will see a splash page open. This splash page is your way to showcase sheer transparency to the customers. The best part? Here is another added advantage, your global customers can use the Smart seal by choosing their preferred language.

Smart Seal Splash page
Splash Page

Building the trustworthy brand name

The entire business world works on one simple factor, trust. The more your customers trust you, the more business you get. E-commerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart have built their trustworthy reputations over the years. They share a bond with their customers by protecting their trust and data. The problem with other brands is, we are not Amazon or Flipkart. But, building your own brand’s ‘Trust repo’ like them is the goal.

If you look around, there are millions of brands across the globe but how many do people trust? To build that ‘Trust repo’ you must showcase your dedication towards customer privacy and online security. As the Smart seal is PCI Compliant, your customers need not feel worried about their confidential banking details.

The DigiCert smart seal gets the best bang of the buck to startups and small businesses as they are in the early stages of winning customer trust. To have a brand repo like Amazon and Flipkart, adopting modern-day security measures should be your go-to.

Adding credibility to each transaction

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Imagine shopping from a website finding out that it is a scam? We are sure you’d be devastated. Do not let your customers think of your website as a fake one. Once customers believe your website to be unsafe, they never coming back. Our goal is to avoid this. By adding the DigiCert smart seal, you add credibility to your transactions thus ensuring the customers of your legitimacy.

Their hard-earned money must reach you and your efforts must reach them, safely.

Zero abandoned carts= Massive sales

Abandoned carts are an important metric to look after. Lack of trust, bad user experience or a broken sales funnel often lead to major cart abandonment. Emphasize your security measures during the checkout process is a great way to retain customers. By optimizing your pages with the DigiCert Smart seal, you leave no option for the customer but to hit ‘Buy Now. A low abandonment rate equals higher sales.

How to get your DigiCert Smart seal?

DigiCert Smart Seal is available for every brand looking to increase ROI and conversions while building a trustworthy brand name. In fact, you are one phone call away to protect your brand from fraud and customer abandonments. Feel free to call our cybersecurity professionals to help you with procuring and installing the DigiCert smart seal on your website.

We are glad to help you in your brand’s success journey.


In today’s world, fake websites and frauds are threatening legitimate businesses to undergo tremendous losses. Hackers masquerade themselves as business websites and trick customers to reveal their info. Due to this, customers tend to shop with a handful of brands they can trust.

The DigiCert Smart Seal is the modern online business’s chance to be one of those brands people trust blindly.

A smarter world needs a smarter solution.